I have been t

 I received a gift of 8 sessions with Gigi from my children for my 65th birthday.  I was somewhat annoyed, because they knew that I was not one who was comfortable going to a gym.  Although I wanted to increase my strength, agility and balance, I had let myself get so out of shape that I was embarrassed. Well, 2 years later I am still working out with Gigi and can't imagine where I would be today if I hadn't started and continued. She is the best! She is extremely smart, kind, patient, and conscientious. Her encouragement and skill at devising workouts to address my concerns are phenomenal. She has become a positive part of my weekly routine and even though there are occasional days when I would rather stay in bed, I always leave grateful for the hour I spent with her. I can now do activities that require strength, agility and balance that I could not have done before I began with Gigi.  Because of her knowledge of nutrition and the body, she has helped me with digestive issues as well as aches and pains. She is a wonderful addition to my life, which has improved since beginning with her 2 years ago. I can't imagine how I would be today without her.
Debbie W.
Valley Village, CA

I started to work with Gigi almost 2yrs ago, I was 47, had a non functioning thyroid, lost a lot of muscle mass and diagnosed with Osteopenia....Her guidance, vision and careful fitness planning in our workouts have given me back muscle definition exceeding my expectations and my last bone density test this past September has shown such an increase in my bone density, that my Dr was astounded! !
She teaches not just trains. Her attention to correct form has been empowering for me when I travel and workout on my own...
I encourage anyone who is looking or thinking about a trainer to consider this amazing talented trainer. She is goal oriented and structures a plan for each individual,  not just the cookie cutter training session.
Shawn N.
Valley Village, CA

I have been training three times a week for 10 years and I am dedicated to a fitness regime. But, I wasn’t getting everything I wanted out of my training because my former trainer wasn’t addressing my concerns about my knee issues and glute strength and subsequent balance issues. After careful consideration, I chose Gigi as my trainer because she is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Corrective Exercise Specialist. She approaches the training process “holistically” and has designed a workout program specifically for me. It includes weight lifting for upper body strength, intense leg exercises that firm my muscles and she helps me with my flexibility and range of motion (especially around the knee). Gigi has taught me TRX which increases core and abdominal strength and my balance has improved greatly
Gigi introduced me to TRX and it is not only fun but has now become an integral part of our workout. Because Gigi is immersed in nutrition, she helps me with my diet in a way that fits my age and physical requirements. She goes the extra mile and also tells me how to relieve sore muscles with special icing techniques. I feel very fortunate that I found Gigi. She is a consummate professional and inspires me to be the best I can be on many levels.

Jill M.
Burbank, CA

I had only planned to work out with Gigi for one package of sessions- I had a goal: to lose 10lbs, tone and strengthen. Gigi helped me realize that goal in the time I had allotted, however I became addicted to her workouts. She is fun, focused and super conscious. She is so kind, knowledgeable and is passionate about what she does. I feel supported and encouraged while working out with her and have enjoyed developing new muscles (which I like to point out to her.) And I feel stronger than ever. Thank you, Gigi, for helping me get my strength back.
Oh, and her pricing is very reasonable. I feel like I get more than my moneys worth with each workout.
Jessica W.
West Hollywood, CA

Gigi can take you to the next level!
This lady certainly is as good as it gets. Honest. Thoughtful. Patient. I needed to push myself harder-both at the gym and at the table and Gigi has overseen my transition. I had a good workout ethic but wasn't seeing results. Gigi went over my food and gave me lots of suggestions and encouraged me to make my changes-not just at the beginning. We check in with a food journal every few weeks which really helps me in developing new habits. It has also alerted me to my snacking ways, but that's another story...In the gym, her workouts vary which keeps it fun with mat, TRX, weights, pulleys. I get a such a good workout my body is buzzing after. I'm getting a crazy good stomach for the first time in my life and she has also been able to help me figure out how/what to do to treat old injuries too. The price is great as well.
Marguerite M.
Sherman Oaks, CA
Gigi is my angel! I have difficulty with mobility due to my diagnosis of MS. With Gigi as my personal trainer - I have come a long way - I'm now running on the treadmill, using the elliptical, lifting weights and ballroom dancing for the first time in my life. My dance instructor is amazed at my core strength!  Also, with her knowledge of nutrition, she has helped me with diet suggestions, and I'm happy to say, I'm almost 100% back to normal. Gigi is kind, understanding and an excellent trainer - I highly recommend her to anyone ! Not only does she know all the physical training, her knowledge of nutrition is so instrumental for full health. Call her and set up a time to train with Gigi, it will be the best decision of your life!
Leanne S.
Sherman Oaks, CA 
 Training with Gigi has been an inspiring and totally health-affirming experience! After having a baby two years ago, I began suffering chronic back pain and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I wanted to work with a trainer who understands the very delicate nature of a spine disorder and how easily it can flare up, causing pain and injury. Gigi is an expert in this area, and it showed right away. She allows you to strengthen at a pace you can handle, pushes you when you need it, and is completely committed to keeping your entire body strong and healthy even after you leave the gym. She does her job with patience and a sense of humor, and stays 100% focused on you. When I began training with Gigi I was out of shape and had pain every day. Now not only am I stronger than I ever thought I would be, but I can lift my daughter, work a full time job and be active without pain. Gigi is the best! 
Amanda M.
Valley Village, CA 

                                                         "I have lost 85 pounds with Gigi because of her excellent ability as a trainer and nutrition coach.  She's very well-informed as a trainer and all of the advise and knowledge she shares about food is what has made this into a life-changing process for me.  I will no longer be the yo-yo dieter of the past.  I have worked with a couple of other trainers and they just really treated it like a job, but Gigi is a life-long health conscious person that sets the best example you can get for yourself.  I feel so fortunate to have found her and I know my success will not be temporary.  I love working with Gigi, she really treats you as an individual."
Recinda J.
North Hollywood, CA

"Having just come out of a long hospital stay I was weak, had lost confidence and had lost physical confidence. When I was introduced to Gigi I wasn't convinced that it was the correct thing to do because she was the antithesis of where I saw myself and I didn't know if I had the strength to come up to speed. Gigi is so gifted at what she does that she not only worked on strengthening my core, she also encouraged me to keep working in such a way that I felt very motivated to feel better. Comparing the level of my strength on that first day to where I am now, several months later, I can easily say that I have gone from a Level 0 to almost 7! This experience has brought me to a happier place in life and made me realize the strong connection between mind and body which is one of Gigi's greatest gifts to me. I am enjoying the balance of physical strength and mental acuity I now experience thanks to the time I've committed to spend with Gigi! All of my friends are amazed at my new self-assurance and so am I!"
Nancy P.
Studio City, CA           

Welcome to the good health best kept secret. Gigi is the best. I wholeheartedly recommend her.
I needed help losing my baby weight and decided to finally get a trainer. But I didn't want a boot camp-yell-at-you type of trainer. She pushes me to my edges without degrading me. I like that. She doesn't text during your session or mindlessly tell you what to do. I like that too. She knows her stuff regarding nutrition, the psychology of weight loss and planning a varied routine each time to help build the body I have always wanted without my ever getting bored.
So that's the bottom line: I am seeing results. My weight is the lowest it's been since I was a teenager but now I'm sculpted and strong too. It feels like January 1st three times a week!
Cara P.
Burbank, CA