The importance of building a strong back extends beyond bodybuilder aesthetics. The muscles in your back serve many functions in everyday movements, from maintaining good posture to carrying heavy objects. Training your back properly will also help reduce back pain, improve overall strength, and help you maintain proper form during your workouts.

Because of your back's complexity, training it properly can be a bit confusing, especially if you're a physique athlete trying to isolate each muscle. Also, because your biceps play a big part in most back exercises, it's easy to depend upon them to do the work instead of your back muscles. If you're not getting results from your back training, it's probably because you're missing out on some key aspects.

The human back is an intricate system of muscles. Each muscle group has its own unique function, yet they must all work together to protect your spine and prevent injury. If you're not sure about the key players back there, check the anatomy chart below.

The most important aspect of back training is to learn how to activate the major muscles and use them appropriately during all lifts. In contrast, untrained lifters can sometimes over-utilize the erector spinae and under-utilize their lats, traps, and rhomboids.

I see a lot of people, mostly guys, working on their bench press to build up their chest, but not giving their back training equal time. It is just as important to train the back as it is every other part of the body. One won't work well without the other!


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