Compound Exercises
Ever feel the incredible abdominal engagement that chin-ups create? Chin-ups, pullups, deadlifts, squats, overhead presses and pushups will thoroughly engage the abdominal muscles. They will not only work these muscles and harden them up, but these exercises will promote lots of fat burning due to their compound nature. The less fat, of course, the more visible the abs will be. So ditch the endless crunches on the mat or crunch machine and replace it with compound movements.

High intensity interval training is a powerful tool for bringing out a six pack because this type of exercise burns a lot of fat. Ever notice that competitive athletes whose sport demands a lot of fast burst of running, always have great abs? Not just track sprinters, but check out the abs of those who compete in basketball, soccer, and tennis. Athletes whose sports require a lot of explosive, fast movement also have great abs, like boxers, martial artists, swimmers and dancers. HIIT can be in the form of box jumping, hill dashing, treadmill high incline walk (no holding on), striking a heavy bag, cycling, sled pushing and staircase dashing.

Like I've always said, “abs are made in the kitchen”! To get the abs to show, you must have a low enough body fat percentage. This is best accomplished with intense strength training, HIIT workouts, and eating in a way that keeps your body fat percentage low. 

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