INSTEAD OF THIS                                  TRY THIS

White bread                                         Stone ground wheat bread

Whole wheat bread                              Ezekiel or sprouted grain 
Cream of wheat                                   Old fashioned oatmeal

Cheerios                                              Kashi Heart to Heart

White rice                                            Brown or wild rice

White potato                                        Sweet Potato or Yam

Microwave popcorn                              Air popped popcorn

Cream sauce                                       Tomato based sauce

Cream soup                                        Clear or broth soups

Ranch dressing                                    Italian dressing

Corn oil                                              Olive or grape seed oil

Milk                                                    Almond or Soy milk

Soda                                                  Carbonated water

Cheeseburger                                     Boca burger with soy cheese

Cheddar cheese                                 Soy cheese

Hamburger                                        Grilled chicken burger

French fries                                        Baked sweet potato fries

Fried chicken                                     BBQ or broiled chicken

Pork bacon                                       Turkey or soy bacon

Iceberg lettuce                                   Romain lettuce, baby spinach

Chocolate bar                                    Carb Control bar

Doritos                                              Blue corn chips

Dessert                                             Yogurt with fresh berries

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