As promised in my last discussion, I am listing some foods that have a high GI and some that have a low GI so that you have a better understanding of why it is that some foods cause those cravings I spoke about earlier. First, let me give you a review of the meaning of the Glycemic Index.

It is a scientific rate on how quickly foods release their natural sugars into your bloodstream using a number called the Glycemic Index or GI. Foods with a low GI release their sugars slowly over a long period of time, which controls the quick return of hunger. When a lower GI food is consumed it acts as a constant source of energy, providing you natural sugars minute by minute. It will not let your blood sugar climb too high, therefore it cannot come crashing down, causing the prompt return of hunger and more snacking later in the day. If you are someone who has struggled with your weight most or all of your life or if diabetes runs in your family, these GI values will be something you will want to pay close attention to. To give you some perspective on number rating, any rating 69 or below is considered a low to medium GI food and any rating 70 and above is considered on the high side of medium to a very high GI food.

Apple (57)
Banana ripe (69)
Banana unripe (30)
½ Grapefruit (36)
1 cup grapes (62)
1 med. Mango (73)
1 med. Orange (69)
1 med. Peach (40)
1 med. Pear (53)
1 cup Pineapple (84)
1 cup Watermelon (103)
Strawberries (32)

Baked Beans (vegetarian) (69)
Black beans (43)
Black-eyed peas (59)
Chickpeas (54)
Kidney beans (42)
Lentils (41)
Lima beans (46)
Navy beans (54)
Peas (56)
Pinto beans (64)
Soybeans (25)

Asparagus (0)
Broccoli (0)
Carrots (23)
Potato, baked (121)
Spinach (0)
Sweet potato (77)
Yam (73)

1 plain bagel (103)
1 slice white bread (100)
1 slice rye bread (83)
1 slice pumpernickel (72)
1 cup Bulgar wheat (65)
1 cup Barley (37)
1 cup steamed brown rice (60)
1 cup white rice (85)
Oatmeal, instant (83)
Oatmeal, slower cook (55)
Air-popped Popcorn (79)
1 cup spaghetti, al dente (55)
1 cup Cereal, All-Bran (54)
1 cup Cereal, Cheerios (106)
1 cup Cereal, corn flakes (130)

1 oz. Jelly beans (114)
2 Life Savers (100)
1/2oz. Chocolate (70)
1 tbsp. Honey (104)
1 tsp. Sugar (95)
½ cup Ice Cream (90)

Remember that in some of my other posts I did say that the right combinations of some of these slow and fast carbs combined with proteins can do a lot to keep the fast carbs from spiking the blood sugar, therefore you do not have to be a slave to eating only low GI foods all of the time. You can enjoy most of your favorite foods when combined and portioned correctly.

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