Did you know that there is a major difference between weight loss and fat loss? Most people don't take that in to consideration but I am here to tell you there is a big difference.
When you are obsessed with weighing yourself on the scale, you are solely focused on weight loss. An individual's weight loss can fluctuate during the day, especially when you factor in fluid retention, sodium intake, and muscle weight. The scale is an inaccurate tool for monitoring fat loss. Two individuals can have the same exact body weight and height, but have completely different body compositions and body dimensions. On the other hand, two individuals can have an equal body fat percentage, but the leaner person will weigh more on the scale due to the higher density/weight of lean muscle tissue.
In contrast, fat loss is about focusing your energy and efforts toward building and maintaining lean muscle tissue. Remember, fat loss is not about counting calories, starvation diets, measuring food, stepping on a scale everyday, willpower, or excessive amounts of exercise. Instead, fat loss is about building and keeping muscle, your metabolically active tissue; choosing higher quality, nutrient dense foods, intelligent exercise, balanced hormones, and all of the other lifestyle aspects (sleep, stress etc.) of fat loss that are too often overlooked.
Did you know as we age, a cause and symptom of the aging process is Sarcopenia? Sarcopenia is simply the degeneration and loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength associated with aging. Sarcopenia also leads to overall weakness and a decline in metabolic rate due to less muscle mass. With lower metabolic rate, loosing body fat becomes more challenging. The good news is you can turn this process around. You can gain more muscle, burn more calories and lose unwanted body fat.
Bottom line-the more lean muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate and the longer you will live.

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