Staying fit for your brain's health is just as important as staying fit for your body's health. It used to be the advice for aging adults was to do crossword puzzles to keep their brain sharp, but with the dramatic growth of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia among our aging population, that advice has changed. Pharmaceutical companies have spent billions trying to find the magic pill to reverse Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders. That has proven so far to be a dismal failure.

A new U.S. study has confirmed that staying fit during your midlife years means that you're less likely to develop dementia later in life. This study used over 20,000 healthy, well educated adults 50 years old plus.
The fitness minded participants who trained were followed for 20 to 30 years to look for signs of dementia. Researchers were allowed to examine Medicare records to keep track. Subjects who trained in midlife were found to be 38 percent less likely to develop dementia than those who didn't train.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Those who train usually have a healthier diet, and because of the direct effects of exercise on the blood flow to the brain. Maintaining the best circulation to the brain is critical in the middle age years to promote a healthy pituitary response to stress and other environmental factors.

It is currently believed, and I completely agree, that many issues such as chronic depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders are all linked to poor brain circulation.

Always challenge yourself to learn new things like a new exercise. Also supplements to keep in mind are fish oil, vitamin D3, magnesium and any good antioxidants will help shield the brain from disorders.

This is Jill, she is one of my clients.  Jill is a grandmother in her 60's!  Jill lifts weights, does TRX and Zumba dance class.

Jill trains hard 4 days per week and it shows!  This TRX Pike is not an easy move, but Jill went after this challenging exercise and now does it better than some of my clients half her age.

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